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The winter of 2018 has arrived, coats, dark nights and hot drinks are welcomed. As many spend time cozy at home it has left room to reflect on the hot fun summer of 2018 and wonder what the summer of 2019 will bring.

Now that the winter months are here people have the time to plan and book holidays for 2019, in fact, 1 in 10 UK adults have already booked a summer holiday for 2019. Out of the destinations that are chosen Cyprus continues to be a popular destination for summer, boasting hot weather, great food, unique hospitality, stunning beaches and much more.

Those who decide to come to Cyprus have a choice of accommodation with luxury villas being a popular option, ideal for small and large groups that desire both luxury and comfort. Dream Holidays Cyprus provide a unique concierge service that allows holidaymakers to pick and choose what services they wish to have when staying in a luxury villa – opting for all details to be taken care of so that holidaymakers can fully relax with nothing to worry about.

Luxury holiday villas in Cyprus are in high demand, due to this demand Dream Holidays Cyprus are happy to announce the launch of a new website that makes booking a villa easier than ever before, providing details on the location of each villa so that you are able to book according to what sites/amenities you wish to be close to. Dream Holidays can provide you with the perfect accommodation for your 2019 summer holiday.

Before setting off on your travels make sure to pack the essentials as seen in the packing list for travelling to Cyprus.

We would like to welcome you to our new and fully operational website, Dream Holidays Cyprus.

We are excited to announce that we have developed a user-friendly website in collaboration with Web Theoria Ltd, and we hope this environment will capture you the visitor in the most positive way. We highly value our clients and wish to give you a refreshing and performant site to view our elegant properties and villas.

The new website is very welcoming and it offers a touch of elegance upon entering the homepage. As you browse our homepage, you will notice the things we want to ensure all our visitors, a satisfying and enjoyable time. We also explain the experience you can expect and different features that are available at Dream Holidays Cyprus. We want you to expect nothing but the best.


Website Features

Once you begin to look for your Dream Villa on the homepage, you will be required to add your preferred dates of accommodation. There you can add your check in/out dates and amount of guests that will be staying. You will then be forwarded to the next page where you will find all available Villas with a basic description and a selected amount of amazing pictures which were photographed at our Villas. Once you select the Villa that suits you, you can view all the details in the following page. You will have access to detailed pictures of the specified Villa. You will also view the different facilities of each Villa, the amount of Bedrooms and Bathrooms available, the availability of a Pool and Jacuzzi and the maximum amount of persons it can hold.


Dream Holidays Services

Each Villa has its own features to take advantage of. You can have access to features such as alarm systems, BBQ areas, elevators, baby equipment, dining areas on ground and basement levels. You will also have beach towels, bed linens, and towels, dishes and silverware available, along with a fully equipped kitchen in the basement too.

Concierge services are also available. If you are looking to relax to the max and get things done for you, then perhaps the following services will interest you. You can request for meal arrangements, spa treatments, shopping or other errands, private chefs, car hire or transfers, limousine or chauffeur services, dry cleaning services, laundry services, catering and event planning’s too are available. The full list of features and services is available on site, so feel free to make full use of it.

If you want to get out and visit places while you’re staying at our Cyprus Villas, then you will be happy to know that on each Villa page, you will find the specific location for that particular Villa, with all its privileges and closest landmarks. These landmarks will give you an idea of what marvelous areas or beaches you can visit during your stay at the Villa. You can plan your holiday with all these in mind, and make your time spent here more exciting.

Another amazing feature is the one-page checkout process. You can access Dream Holidays Cyprus and make online reservations now, by choosing the property or villa that suits you best including the many services and features available. You will be asked to fill your credentials and provide payment in view of all the details regarding the Villa you want to reserve. You can make payment via various credit cards such as Master Card, Visa or American Express and then you can proceed with completion of reservation.


The Blog

A blog section will be available, where visitors and clients can read important information and other subjects regarding Dream Holidays Cyprus and other relevant information. It will be frequently updated to keep users posted with all they need to know about us and events. Currently, you can view the most recent blogs regarding the best beaches to visit during your stay at our Villas and also the essential list that you need to consider when visiting these places. So keep your eye on this section.


Future of Dream Holidays Villas

Furthermore, we plan to develop the Dream Holidays brand, showcase our properties, villas, and services on a world class level and also give you the viewer a refreshing experience throughout our well-esteemed villas, blogs and generally all our services.

The Director of Web Theoria, Steven Zenios said, “We at Web Theoria would like to thank the Dream Holidays Cyprus team for the opportunity we had in working together and their full cooperation. We wish Dream Holidays Cyprus all the best and we will continue to support and assist them”.

Once again, Dream Holidays Cyprus welcomes you to browse the collection of properties and villas available. Make your booking online now at https://dreamholidayscyprus.com/.

Every holiday trip requires a list of items to take with you. Usually, people tend to pack their luggage with the most generic things such as clothes they’ll be wearing for the set days, a few pairs of shoes and sandals, but won’t consider the most important items needed on their holiday. If you reach your destination and realize you didn’t bring the essential items, this in turn will bring a negative vibe and quite possibly ruin your holiday from the very beginning. With this in mind, find below a list of the most essential items to take on your trip.



The Vitals list

It goes without saying that you must pack the most important items, without the items below there will be confusion, anxiety at the very least and the worst case scenario would be to cancel your vacation. Truth be said, the last thing anyone wants is to be sad on the first day of their holiday, so make sure you pack these items first:


The items above are the fundamental items of course, but you can bring additional items such as documents for car excursions if you plan on renting a vehicle to go on long distance journeys or perhaps you’re the more sporty type and want to experience scuba diving, so in this case you’ll need to bring with you a logbook diving certification card. Either way, you will need to plan what you want to do once you are here so that everything goes to plan and experience zero hiccups.


The Toiletries – Electronics list

You should know that when visiting a holiday resort like Cyprus, you should stock up on toiletries and electronics. As you know already, items like travel adaptors differ with each country you visit, so this information must be assessed properly before going to any country. In the category below you will find the essential items you will need once you get to our villas:


Please note that most items are available at our villas, as we want to make you feel at home and give you a more comfortable stay. If you have any enquiries regarding the full list of items that exist at our villas, feel free to ask at [email protected].


The Beach list

One of the things you will most likely do when you arrive at our villas will be to take a swim in the pool, enjoy the jacuzzi or go to any of the nearby beaches. If you decide to purchase these items from Cyprus, there are convenience stores in very close proximity to our villas that will provide these items. With this in mind see the following essential items for this experience below:


So there you have it. The essentials packing list is a must if you are to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Here at Dream Holidays Cyprus, we want to wish you an enjoyable yet comfortable stay at our villas and we will be at your service if and when you need it.

We ensure the best experience at Dream Holidays Cyprus.

Sunny Cyprus, the holiday resort island that everyone knows and talks about. As you know, Cyprus consists of many blue flag beaches, but some of the best and exotic beaches can be found in the Ayia Napa and Protaras districts. These beaches will leave you with an unforgettable experience and something to take back with you. Before you go on your holiday, you’ll need to make preparations though.

When you’re all set and ready for your sun-drenched holiday, you will need to make sure that you have all the essentials to take with you. Get rid of the pre-holiday stress by checking out this simple yet Essential Packing List, and get ready for the perfect holiday.

Found below are the best beaches in the Ayia Napa and Protaras district, some of which are in close proximity to the Dream Holidays Villas. Each one of them is unique in their own special way. These beaches will offer their own fun yet exotic flavour and ultimately each one will leave its special remembrance mark on you.


Nissi Beach


Nissi Beach is one of the top beaches in Europe and is a big tourist attraction in Ayia Napa. It’s a recommended spot by many and a go-to-place when you visit Ayia Napa. The beach expands up to 500 meters in a cove style and the water is clear with a turquoise colour and was awarded a blue flag for it. The beach has golden sands and the site of it is absolutely beautiful. There is a small islet located close to the coast line, and this is why the beach acquired its name Nissi, which in Greek means Isle. It has a lively atmosphere throughout the day and you can enjoy the restaurants, bars, water sports and live music that are available. Expect to have a lot of fun at Nissi Beach.

nissi beach cyprus


Nissi Beach is located at the south west side of Ayia Napa. There are many means of travel here since the location is pretty easy to find. If you are living in Ayia Napa already, you are most probably travelling by foot, by buggy, rental bike or rental car. These means of travel are commonly used in Ayia Napa as you can get from point A to point B in no time. Getting to Nissi Beach is easy. If you are staying at one of our villas in the nearby town of Protaras you can take the bus or the taxi and these will drop you automatically at Nissi Avenue where you will find the beach. Lastly, if you are in Larnaca district or any other city, you will need to follow the highway to Ayia Napa and take the first exit to Ayia Napa and head west once you are in town. Very easy indeed.

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Kambouris Beach


Kambouris Beach otherwise called Ammos of Kambouri Beach is a beach that can be found 300 meters away from the Tranquility and Seashell Villas and just 100 meters away from the Elegance Villas. The only thing that separates the villa and the beach is the green grass of the villas, the hiking path and golden beach sand. It’s a beach belonging to the outskirts of Ayia Napa and here you will find peace and quiet. Literally, the only thing making noise here is nature itself.

This beach runs alongside the east coast of Ayia Napa and shares the amazing sea caves of Cape Greco. The sand is light coloured and there’s a combination of soft sand and rocky ground. The sea is clear and shallow in general but it is a rocky entry, so it’s not recommended for children. The thing that stands out mostly about this beach is the tall tree that stretches out its branches over an arbor for weddings. Marriage ceremonies are held here as it’s a very romantic spot to tie the knot. There is a popular hiking path that runs along the east coast so it’s very easy to spot even at night. We recommend this beach as it’s very close to our Villas and it will be an enjoyable yet serene place for you and your partner to whine down.

kambouri beach ayia napa


Kambouris Beach is located to the east of Ayia Napa town and you can reach the beach via the popular hiking path that runs alongside the east coast. If you are driving from Ayia Napa then stay on the road to Cape Greco until you reach the Amante Beach café and turn right onto the salted road that will lead you directly to the beach. If you are a resident of our Villas then you can enjoy the walk to the beach along the coast line. Along this path you will find one of the most romantic sights called the Love Bridge, and you will know you have reached your destination.

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Sirena Bay


Sirena Bay or Sirena Beach, is a small secluded beach that promotes peace and serenity. It usually attracts couples of any age. Sirena Bay was known as Mina beach a few years back due to a historical figure from the Byzantine era. You can access the bay via a small nature trail. It’s a very attractive spot, hidden by reeds, wild plants and rocks. The water tempts anyone to dive in due to its blue shaded colour. Only one beach bar is available at Sirena Bay but you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds there.

sirena bay cyprus


Sirena Bay is located north of Ayia Napa and Protaras and east of Paralimni. It’s one of the furthest and secluded beaches from Dream Holidays Villas but not hard to get to. Even if you are a less map oriented person you can find this wonderful bay with the help of the signs provided along the way. As long as you stick to the Ayia Napa high road and then head north past a small town called Pernera, you will finally reach Sirena Bay and marvel at its natural environment. It is recommended that you go by car or motorbike since it’s a 10min drive from Paralimni and a 20min drive from Ayia Napa.

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Cape Greco


If you are looking to gaze and marvel at stunning scenery, then Cape Greco near the our Dream Holidays Villas is the place to go. Cape Greco attracts all who seek to discover the most beautiful sceneries in Cyprus. The place is full of awe-inspiring cliffs and sea caves. It’s a place where you will find other nature lovers. You can swim in the crystal clear water, enjoy fishing and diving and the most impressive thing of all is of course the marvelous sunset. It is truly very romantic and something so amazing to watch.

cape greco ayia napa


To find Cape Greco you will need to head east until there is practically no road left. It’s east of Ayia Napa and south of Protaras and very easy to get to with a bike or car. Most visitors arrive on rented buggies as it’s much more practical to use due to the rocky environment. If you choose to rent a buggy for this destination, make sure you take with you plenty of water and a face protection mask because the road will get bumpy and dusty.

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Konnos Bay


Konnos Bay is yet another amazing beach and is considered to be one of the most scenic beaches in all of Cyprus. It’s literally hidden behind a mountain side and foothill which makes it so marvelous to gaze at. The waters here are clear and it has the perfect swimming conditions for children of all ages. The beach is only 300 meters long and stretches with white sand. Here you can enjoy the different water sports, convenience store and restaurant that is at the top of the foothill. There are also accommodation facilities nearby. If you are in Cyprus for a short stay, make this one of your must see places.

konnos bay cyprus


Konnos Bay is yet another easy beach to find. It resides close to our Cyprus Villas and of course the famous Cape Greco, and this is one reason why it shares the same amazing features like the clear waters and rocky mountain sides. To find this amazing place, you will need to head east on the main road towards the Cape Greco Forest Park and when you reach the park you will need to head north and Konnos Bay area is literally to your right.

The foothill path to Konnos Bay is a sight for sore eyes, as you go downhill and feel the breeze from the pine trees that surround you. It’s an approximate 300 meter downhill walk or if you are with a bike or buggy we urge you to take care as the road is rocky and tight. The closer you get to the Bay, the pine trees clear and you see the Bay’s curve from higher ground. We recommend you get to Konnos Bay early as this beach attracts not only tourists but the locals too.

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Dream Holidays Cyprus offer a variety of seafront villas located around Ayia Napa beaches