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Rules & Regulations

To ensure a pleasant, safe and healthy environment for all occupants, compliance with the following Rules and Regulations is a condition of your rental. Please read about it and should you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the contact form found here or via any of other contact details available.


    Use garbage bags with tie strings and place the tied bags in the garbage bins outside the building for collection and disposal. Nobody likes to see garbage bags in the hallways or under the stairs


    We hope you and your children will enjoy your wonderful pool and sunbathing area. To make sure everyone – especially your children – are safe around the pool, we urge you not to run near or around the pool.


    Children are precious – and naturally curious. Please keep them at a safe distance from electrical appliances, electric plugs and sockets, BBQ and other possible child hazards.
    Wherever they are, please make sure your young children are supervised at all times.


    Keep the yard clean and clear of garbage and debris. Throwing garbage out the window will not only create a mess, but can also be dangerous.


    As a matter of policy and as a courtesy to the next tenants, smoking inside the villa is not permitted.


    To make sure you are comfortable all year round, we have installed efficient air-conditioning systems in all our rental properties. For effective performance and to avoid breakdowns, all doors and windows must be closed whenever the air-conditioning is on.


    We have made every effort to choose high quality and safe cleaning equipment. If you insist on buying any additional equipment, we cannot be responsible for any accidents that might occur.


    We believe in creating a happy community environment. Maintain good relations with your neighbours by respecting the general quiet time, which is from 11pm to 8am on weekdays, and from 11pm to 11am on weekends. Thank you for refraining from noisy activities, such as playing loud music, operating heavy machinery, or any other disturbing noise during these hours.


    As a matter of policy and as a courtesy to the next tenants, smoking inside the villa is not permitted.


    Especially during a fun holiday, adults and children can get excited. But stairs can be tricky. Let’s keep everyone happy and safe: please don’t run on the stairs.


    For your convenience, we have equipped your kitchen with top quality appliances. Please use them responsibly to avoid any damage which will have to be charged to your account.

    • • Note that cooking oils and grease should not be poured into the drain.
    • • For your own safety, make sure you don’t leave the stove unattended while you are cooking.
    • • Wiping the oven and microwave oven immediately after use is much quicker than trying to remove old drippings.
    • • Clearing out old food from the refrigerator is the best way to keep it smelling clean and fresh. Look after your appliances and you will enjoy your kitchen even more

    Although Cyprus is generally a very safe place, it’s best to take precautions. Before you leave the house, make it a habit to lock all doors and windows


    We all love to entertain and want our guests to feel comfortable and at home. But please remember, that our house rules also apply to your guests, and that you are responsible for any violations.


    SkyPrime has spare keys for all properties. However, you can rest assured that your privacy will always be respected, and we will only enter the property without notice in case of an emergency. From time to time, our maintenance team might require access for specific and scheduled repairs. In such cases you will be given as much advance notice as possible, so suitable arrangements can be made. .


    A simple way to ensure you don’t leave anything behind is to take a final good look around the property just before departure. If we do find items that you have forgotten and would like us to post to you, bear in mind that there will be a charge for handling and shipping.